Guitar Galaxy

  • Coordination training and playing with a pick - learn how to use a plectrum and train to synchronise your hands.

  • Riffs and key movement exercises - discover what makes riffs truly rock while developing those "killer" chops!

  • Chord training and vocabulary - learn and practise the essential chords you need to play a countless number of hit songs.

  • TAB reading - how to read guitar notation simply and easily.

  • Aural skills and timing - develop these essential musicianship skills.

  • Technique development - learn how to get the best sound out of everything you play.

  • How to Tune your Guitar - find out how to effectively tune your instrument and use guitar tuners. 

  • Getting to know your gear - discover the amazing functionality behind all the buttons and switches on your guitar and amp - demonstrated in the simplest way possible.

Course Material Includes:

This highly effective course is designed to deliver the knowledge and skills you would expect to learn by paying for a package of 1-1 lessons with a teacher or months of premium subscription to other sites.

We want to give all this to you for ABSOLUTELY FREE

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