Drums Dimension

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Our Kickstart Drums course will teach you all the basic fundamentals as you need. Develop your groove, rhythm and coordination – build a solid foundation to your playing and set yourself on the journey to becoming a great musician.

The fundamentals we will cover include: 

  • Grooves - learn the patterns that make chart topping songs so infectious and how to apply them to play a huge number of songs 

  • Timing - develop your timing and aural ability - the key musicianship skills

  • Technique - develop the "chops" you need to sound fantastic

  • Parts of the kit - learn what each part of the drum kit actually does 

  • Coordination - train to coordinate your body and control your limbs like a pro

  • Theory & reading notation - learn to read the written language of music in a simple way


This highly effective course is designed to deliver the knowledge and skills you would expect to learn by paying for a package of 1-1 lessons with a teacher or months of premium subscription to other sites.

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