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Welcome to Musoverse

Musoverse was created by musicians and educators Callum Swift and Sergei Kossarev to serve you as your ultimate resource for learning Guitar and Drums. 

"Music can make you move, make you cry or help you heal. It's the ultimate form of expression and a universal language that speaks to all of mankind and transcends all barriers

Whether you want to learn to play a few of your favourite songs or become a true pro one day – having the ability to play music will enhance your life as well as the lives of everyone around you. 

We’ve helped thousands of people achieve results far beyond their expectations running one of the biggest music education services in the UK we want to do the same for you.

There’s no click bait tactics, “hacks” or magic bullets here. Just real strategies, systems and advice for you to implement and develop real skills. We hope you'll join us."

- Callum & Sergei

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